Newton’s Laws of Motion

Remembering Newton’s Third Law for the next time I am in space and am being pulled towards the fuel-burning backside of a spaceship.

Rationalising The Universe

Today we have a simple post which will break down Newton’s laws of motion so even the layman can understand them inside out (hopefully). Mathematical formula will be introduced, though no previous knowledge of mathematics is required to follow this through – i’m going to explain every single piece of notation as best I can. For those that have a degree of mathematically proficiency already I do apologise that this may seem far too easy! For those that don’t, grab a pen and paper and stick with this!

Newton’s laws of motions are three laws that together form the basis of classical mechanics. Newton’s insight was so advanced for his day (17th century) and it was he who taught us for the first time how to understand the spatial behaviour of objects and the relationship between forces and motion. Physics may have advanced leaps and bounds since Newton’s day but…

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