Terracotta Warriors: Xi’an, China


Amazing, right? I took this photo recently, while I was visiting Xi’an China. No visit to Xi’an is complete without, of course, visiting the Terracotta warriors!

Fun fact: No two faces are exactly the same, leaving archaeologists to believe that the warriors were modeled after real people.


Question: What year was the Terracotta Army found? In 1974 by a farmer named Yang Zhifa who was digging a well, and instead ended up stumbling across a Terracotta Warrior.

According to my tour guide Jiajia (or Lady Jiajia, according to herself) Yang is usually nearby signing copies of his book. Sadly, he wasn’t there when I visited.


Another fun fact: Emperor Qin would drink mercury in small dosages because he thought that it was good for his health. However, it was what eventually ended up killing him. Although the Guardians to Emperor Qin’s tomb were found 42 years ago, the actual tomb has yet to be excavated.  (The photo below shows the mound Emperor Qin is buried in).  One of the reasons this mound has yet to be excavated is because Emperor Qin’s tomb is covered in mercury and traps as per Emperor Qin’s wishes before death. Scientists tested the mound and were able to figure out that it does, in fact, contain very high levels of mercury.


Interesting, right? If you ever have the opportunity, I sincerely recommend visiting the Terracotta Warriors. It is out of this world! Pictures are one thing, but seeing this in person will blow your mind!

(Please tell me if there is anything else you think I should know about the Terracotta Army! Shout out to Jiajia for being an amazing, enthusiastic, and informative tour guide!)


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